Grandpa Phil

[Tuesday, July 23, 2002, from Cyndie Browning]:
    Phil's son and daughter-in-law (Danny and Susan Floyd) had their babies last week; yes, bab_IES_!!  TWO of 'em, fraternal twins.  The babies are named Alexander Westmoreland Floyd (sounds presidential, doesn't it? or an Army general, at the very least), 19" and 7 lbs. 2 oz., to be called "Alex," and Katherine Ann Floyd ("Katie"), 18" and 5 lbs., born 8:01 and 8:02 a.m., respectively, on July 18th.

     Well, anyway, the proud first-time grandpa sent along this story yesterday:

     << I was writing this, Susan [Phil's daughter-in-law] called to tell me they ALL were home now from the hospital.  Everyone is doing great.  I actually got to hear Katy cry because Susan took her from the mammalian trough to burp her.  What a fine voice she has.  Susan did tell me the most engaging little story.  Katy [who's all of _4_ days old!!] already can use her hands to retrieve the pacifier (vanilla flavored, by the way) and push away the bottle (full of breast milk) when she doesn't want it.  Anyway, both are in the basinet together and Alex starts crying.  They watched as Katy extended her little hand to Alex and he began to suck on HER thumb!  He went right back to sleep and so did she.  Susan is convinced Katy also wanted to go back to sleep but could not do so with the male Floyd crying in her ear (a lot like A.C. [Phil's oldest brother], I'm sure, when he was a baby) and decided on her own to handle the situation.  I asked her, "How many times in the womb do you think that happened?"  Susan's reply, "More than she wants to remember."  I agree. >>

     Phil told me the other day that while Katy loves her pacifier, Alex keeps spitting his out.  Maybe he just prefers his little sister's thumb, eh???

Grandpa Phil
"We can all rest easier now that our world is assured an excellent future of being in good hands."
Phil Floyd, 8/18/02
"Some have expressed a muted incredulity
about my statement of my grandchildren's
intelligence, so I am attaching another picture to prove my point beyond dispute.
Here is Katie in my arms,
reading to me from Plato's 'Republic.'
This should settle the issue."

Phil, Grandpa Gloater
L-R:  Katherine (Katie) Ann Floyd and
Alexander (Alex) Westmoreland Floyd,
born 7/18/02.
[Upon returning to Oklahoma after visiting his grandchildren for the first time, Phil wrote]:
  Just got back last night (8/17) from a two-week visit to NJ and our wonderful grandchildren.  Actually took my laptop to keep up with my e-mail while there.  That was the plan.  Not a chance.  From early morning until late at night, it was nothing but babies.  Though they are the most beautiful and obviously intelligent grand-children ever to be born, they totally exhausted me.  Nary a moment while sitting that I did not have a child in my arms, on my shoulder, changing a diaper, walking the floor, putting in bed and then immediately picking them up because grandpa's arms are so much better than a lifeless crib mattress, preparing formula, washing dishes, running errands... obeying my wife.  Tired, I tell you, tired!
[December 2002:  Phil, Sue Ann, and their oldest son Chris flew to New Jersey to spend Christmas with Danny, Susan, and the twins.  Here's what Phil wrote after returning to Oklahoma]:
     Had a tremendously good time in NJ.  The grandkids are absolutely delightful.  Sue Ann cooked from early morning until late at night but did not suffer the exhaustion she did the last time we were there.  I think the fact the babies are older, and can entertain themselves for 15 minutes at a time before moving them to the next 15 minutes' form of entertainment, helped a lot.  Also, having Chris there was a great help.  If either of the babies started acting up, Chris would do his pterodactyl routine with his hand and go for their bellies or chin.  They would immediately stop crying, watching intently as the moving hand with sound effects added edged its way closer and closer, until finally the "attack," at which they would giggle at the top of their little voices.  Also, he could get them right to sleep by his double rocking motion while whistling them all the old confederate fight songs.
Sue Ann holding Alex,
and Phil with Katie
"Santa" Alex, and his reindeer helper, Katie
The Floyd Clan, Dec 2002
(doesn't Alex look like the Gerber baby?)