Field Notes
"Back the Same Day"
(bird-banding in NE Texas)
Red Slough, OK
Birding by Canoe
(Caddo Lake, in the Piney Woods, NE Texas)
Hagerman NWR
Caddo Lake TX
Colorado Birdin'
Sneaking into Kansas
Tishomingo NWR
Wichita Mountains
Red Slough
McCurtain Co.
Wilderness Area:
It's a "real trip"
Nickel Preserve
Tenkiller Lake
Red Slough Wetland
"Chasin' Sparruhz"
Hackberry Flat
OKC Lakes
Tallgrass Prairie
Oolagah Lake
NOTE: Locations are approximate
(I didn't want to cover up the city names)
Great Salt Plains
A whole flock o' birders at the
Great Salt Plains, April 2006
Photo by Bill Horn
Lewis's Woodpeckerby Steve Metz
Wichita Mtns.
Black Mesa
SW Oklahoma field trip
Burrowing Owl by Warren Williams
McCurtain County Wilderness Area:
Red-cockaded Woodpeckers
Birdin' the
Oklahoma City Lakes
The Nickel Preserve
Summer Tanager by Warren Williams
Wichita Mtns/Hackberry Flat
Black-capped Vireo by Patricia Velte
Snowy Owl by Steve Metz
Great Horned Owl
by Bill Horn
A Very Snowy Day After Christmas
Sequoyah NWR
Sooner Lake