Q. Where do you live?
Q. What got you interested in birding?
Q.  What's your favorite birding spot in Oklahoma?
Introducing our October 2004
Birders of the Month:


of Oklahoma City, OK
Q.  What field guide do you prefer to use?
Q.  What are your 3 favorite birds? and is/are there any particular reason(s) they're your favorites??
Q.  Tell us about your BEST birding experience.... so far.
Q.  What was your WORST??
Q.  What are you most likely to say when a bird flies before you can ID it??
Q.  What was the last book you read?
Randy:  I've been birding all my life.  I always wanted to know "what kind of bird that was."
Lisa:  I always had an interest in birds but couldn't really identify them.  When I met Randy about 30 years ago, he helped me learn to identify them.  We would go for drives just looking for birds -- mostly hawks and owls.  When our children were young (now married and on their own), I started getting interested in the birds that came to our backyard, which is when I got a bit more serious about birding.
Randy:  It's been so long, I really don't remember.  As an adult, my wildlife photography has kept me interested.
Lisa:  Randy got me really interested.  I love going on trips with him while he photographs all kinds of wildlife.
Randy:  That's a tough question since we like several.  I would say the Wichita Mountains right now.  Red Slough seems like the obvious choice but we haven't made it down there yet (except vicariously through other birders).
Lisa:  Well, in OKC we go to Lake Hefner and Overholser almost daily.  I also like the Wichitas, and we get a lot of birds in our own backyard.
Randy:  Sibley's is my favorite.
Lisa:  Ken Kaufman.  But we have 14 guide books of various design.
Randy:  (1) Any hawk, owl, or eagle; (2) any woodpecker; (3) Painted Bunting.
Lisa:  (1) I love Mockingbirds!  They're always singing and seem so happy.  They're very smart and playful, too.  (2) any hummingbird; (3) any owl.
Randy:  A couple of years ago, we participated in a "birdiest city" count with the  Wild Bird Center here in OKC.   We were limited to counting within the city limits, which included all of our favorite areas.  We started at sunup and finished at dusk when we could no longer see.  We got 73 species that day including 4 lifers apiece!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a great time together.
Lisa:  Yeah, that was a great day together.
Randy:  The worst I ever had was wonderful!  Really, the worse trip for me was a year-and-a-half ago when we went to the Wichitas.  Lisa was not keeping up with me like she normally does, and she tired easily.  I could sense something wasn't right.  Turned out she had to have gamma knife surgery on a brain tumor she'd had surgery on before!!
Lisa:  The worst day was a trip to Roman Nose State Park.  We didn't see hardly any birds, altho' it was a beautiful day.
Randy:  That son of a ________!!
Lisa:  Rats!
Randy:  The Windmasters by Pete Dunne, loved it.  And The Assassin by Ted Bell.
Split Second by David Baldacci.  I love to read!!
Q.  Who are your heroes or role models?  Whom do you admire? and if you care to comment, why are they your heroes?
Randy:  ???  I've had a lot of influences in my life and I can't single out one.
Lisa:  I truly admire Randy.  He's a great husband, great father, and a great friend to have.  We've always had lots of fun doing simple things, like birding.
Q. How long have you been birding?
We live in Warr Acres, which is a suburb of OKC.  We are fortunate to live very close to Lake Hefner, Lake Overholser, Stinchcomb Wildlife Preserve, Martin Park Nature Center, and Dolese Park -- all good birding spots.