Q. How long have you been birding?
Q. What got you interested in birding?
Q.  What's your favorite birding spot in Oklahoma?
Introducing our August 2002
Birder of the Month:

Jeri McMahon
Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma
Q.  What field guide do you prefer to use?
Q.  What are your 3 favorite birds? and are there any particular reasons they're your favorites??
Q.  Tell us about your BEST birding experience.... so far.
Q.  What was your WORST??
Q.  What are you most likely to say when a bird flies before you can ID it??
Q.  What was the last book you read?
Believe it or not, I started this crazy (but wonderful) sport/hobby when I was 12 years old, in northern Iowa.  I still have all the newsletters and color pamphlets from the Junior Audubon Society, and my first little bird guide by Chester A. Reed.  Two teachers (the Hagarty sisters) lived on our block, and I would spend hours at their house, studying birds at their feeders or bird bath, or reading all their bird books.
Oh. I just answered that!
Everyone knows, it's Black Mesa!
I always liked the Nat'l Geo Guide until the Sibley book came out.  Now I bring both on birding trips.  I also bring Kenn Kaufman's new book, "Birds of North America."  It's good, too.
Bluebirds have always been my very, very favorite.  I love them!  I have 10 boxes, and I band the babies in the nest, and then later when they come to my bird bath with their silver bracelets, I know they're mine.
Western Tanager was always my favorite bird when I lived in Santa Barbara, and still is a favorite.  I guess because of its beauty.
And my third favorite.... drum roll.... is the
Ovenbird!  Who would have thought?!  That was the bird that really got me started, when I was 12 years old.  The Hagarty sisters called me to come see this bird in their yard, and I was so excited.  Right then, I knew I had to know more about birds.
I guess it was when I reached 700 on my ABA lifelist this year (the Ruddy Ground Dove in Tucson, AZ), but #701 was really exciting, too.  I finally got the Great Gray Owl, my nemesis bird.  I've looked for that bird for 20 years!!  I had seen all the other owls in the ABA area but not that one, and I had looked for it in Yosemite, Idaho, Minnesota, Canada---you name it, but it had always eluded me.  I finally saw it near Duluth, MN last month (June 2002), and I saw it so well, I got great photos of it.  :-)
All those times I was looking for the Great Gray Owl and not finding it!!!!
(I'll leave this question alone.)
"Living on the Wind" by Scot Weidensaul.  I would like to recommend a book:  "Endurance."  It's an account of Ernest Shackleton's voyage to Antarctica in 1914-16.  It's a good read.
Great Gray Owl
Sax-Zim Bog, MN
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Jeri McMahon 2002
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Mountain Bluebird, by Jeri McMahon