Q. What got you interested in birding?
Q.  What's your favorite birding spot in Oklahoma?

Introducing our September 2005
Birder of the Month:

Cynthia Oder
of Blackwell, Oklahoma
Q.  What field guide do you prefer to use?
Q.  What are your 3 favorite birds? and is/are there any particular reason(s) they're your favorites??
Q.  Tell us about your BEST birding experience.... so far.
Q.  What was your WORST??
Q.  What are you most likely to say when a bird flies before you can ID it??
Q.  What was the last book you read?
30 years.
My mom and dad birdwatched before I married so I was aware there were different species besides Robins and Blue Jays.  My husband Donnie was in the service so our moving to the East Coast, then to Ft. Huachuca, AZ and seeing different birds sparked my interest.  And my very kind husband took me out to see the birds and also got interested in identifying them.
Salt Plains.  The first time I decided to start keeping a list, we saw both the Bald and Golden Eagles.  What a thrill!
Actually, there are two:  Peterson and Sibley.
Anna's Hummingbird is a special little guy that lived with us for 3 years at Ft. Irwin, CA.  If his feeder froze up at night, he would hover in front of the kids when they walked out to the door to go to school in the morning, and he would drink from the feeder as I carried it outside.
Wood Duck is one that I'm always thrilled to see.  They are so pretty.
Long-billed Curlew because he looked so out of place walking around in the desert.
The best was when we moved to Ft. Irwin, CA and the first time we went out to the sewage ponds and found so many different species.  I had thought moving to the Mojave Desert would be the end of birding for a while.  We stayed there 6 years.
I don't think I have a worst.  If you don't see any new species, you can study the others.
"Get back here!" or "that's not fair!" especially when my husband got to see the bird but I didn't!
This summer I haven't read much.  I just bought the BIRDS OF THE GREAT PLAINS and I'm reading the information about the individual birds.
Q.  Who are your heroes or role models?  Whom do you admire? and if you care to comment, why are they your heroes?
I think my role models would have to be my parents, Lloyd and Glenda Leslie.  They brought me up to love the outdoors (camping at Tenkiller almost every summer).  Because of their interest in identifying birds, butterflies, flowers, and anything that can be identified, I cannot imagine not wanting to know what things are called.  I just wish I could remember everything I've looked up and all the birds I've heard.  Mom remembers bunches of those little bird songs.
I admire the birders who take the time to let the rest of us know where rare birds have been seen.
Q. How long have you been birding?